Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Glorious Fall

I love the Fall, the cool crispness of the air is so refreshing. Well, maybe not so much this year. A record high of 92 degrees last week! The Fall colors are what you'll find in most of my quilts and wool folk pieces. Soft, subtle and rich... the mixture of greens, oranges, maroons and brown tones are soothing to my soul. My next door neighbors have a spectacular Japanese Red Maple tree in their back yard. The color last year was outstanding and I can hardly wait for it to start changing color this year. Brought a smile to my face every time I walked out my back door.

The nuts trees are loaded and there are probably some black walnuts in my backyard up for grabs if anyone wants to try their hand at dying wool. I saw an article about a YouTube video using a microwave, food coloring, vinegar and water that I plan on playing with this week. My friend Pat and I have been busily shopping thrift stores for white and ivory wool. Thursday is going to be our play day, wish us luck! As soon as those maple leaves start changing, they'll be in my dye pot too. I'm about out of orange...  Gini

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