Saturday, September 9, 2017


Hi and welcome to the North Coast Needlers Blog! Our old website was accidentally deleted and we're replacing it with a blog instead. Our plan is to post information about upcoming meetings, shows and other events in the quilting world, as well as sharing tips and tidbits, photos, videos...

The new board just got together to talk about the upcoming year and we're very excited about the plans being put in motion. Linda Sekerak is busily working on programs and has already secured Cory Goodheart of Olive Grace for the July meeting. February's program will be of use to all of us with Whole Body Health coming to talk to us about the way we work, stand and sit along with other information to better our health so that we can keep quilting longer and more comfortably. In the works are Kathy Doughty author of Material Obsession from Australia, Rayna Gilman with Studio Art Quilts and Sue Spargo with her wool folk art pieces. We may see the return of the "Garage Sale" and a night of Demo Stations and will be planning an evening to create a raffle quilt as a guild. The plan is for this quilt to be raffled in the fall of 2018.

Many thanks to Jean Bailey for completing the Chicken Quilt which is on it's way to the Northeast Ohio Adoption Services. Along with the quilt, Jean created a table runner and four placemats, which will be raffled of at the September meeting with the proceeds to benefit Community Service.

Please note:
It will be appreciated if you can remember to wear a nametag at the meetings. Paper nametags will be available at the Hospitality table when you check in, but it's so much more fun to see how creative some of you are.

All requests for reimbursement of funds need to be accompanied by a receipt. No exceptions! A form will be available at the Hospitality Table that you are being asked to fill out prior to approaching Beth for funds. Let's try to make her job as easy as possible.

We have had volunteers step forward for both Hospitality and Refreshments. Thank you ladies! Other committee assignments will be made after the meeting and a list published then.

Many thanks as well to the outgoing Board. Your willingness to serve with and along side your fellow quilters goes a long way.

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." Paul Ryan

Now on to some quilting! I was on a weekend getaway last week and I need to go unbury my sewing room. AGAIN! This happens to me all the time...