Sunday, August 23, 2020

NCN August zoom meeting

 North Coast Needlers had a zoom meeting in July to check in with members on how we all were doing, after cancelling meetings April - May due to Covid.  Then in August we had a meeting and a member "virtual" show and tell.  It was a fun event to see folks and what they have been doing since March.  It was a delightful display of talent and fun! Below is a sample of the glory. Thank you member Ron S.for creating the powerpoint of quilts.

It appears we will be stuck in this pandemic for months to come, so the executive committee has decided to change our dues to $10 for the next 6 months ending on February 9. After that we will evaluate our meeting situation and charge further dues accordingly. We plan to have our meetings and programs on Zoom and even workshops. The workshops will have a cost for those involved as usual. Martha will be emailing membership forms which you can print out and mail with your dues to NCN Membership at PO Box 450952, Westlake, OH 44145.